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How to prepare for your Physical Inventory with ROI

  • Email validation file.
  • Let us know what type of barcodes you have (code 39, Interleave 2 of 5, UPC, UPC-E).
  • All shelves need to have one layer of boxes/bags –not one behind the other.
  • All barcodes are facing out.
  • Hanging clothes/items must have barcodes exposed.
  • Make sure all items to be scanned have a barcode. Old or faded barcodes must be reprinted.
  • Make sure to let us know if there are areas/shelves that do not need to be inventoried. You will be provided signs that say Do Not Inventory – please hang them where they are visible.
  • Provide us an empty area where we can set up a laptop and charge extra batteries and a power outlet.
  • Assign an area where we will place items that were not scanned.
  • Prepare your staff for a possibly long night.
  • Dress comfortably since you will be climbing ladders and sitting on the floor.
  • Have some pens, paper and calculators handy since manual counts will be conducted as well.
  • We recommend providing drinks and snacks.
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