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What is unique about ROI’s method?

  • The team recruited by the retailer for the day is split into 2 groups:
    • Group A: scans every item in a lot.
    • Group B: counts items in lot* and punches number of items counted into a physical inventory gun.
  • If the 2 numbers do not match up, the staff member can not continue to the next lot until the numbers are corrected.

Service Overview

  1. In order to prepare as best as possible for your upcoming physical inventory, ROI will either perform a non-obligatory site survey at no cost at the actual retail location or a questionnaire will be asked via the phone.

  2. ROI will send a document explaining how the store should be set up. The better the store is prepared, the faster the count.

  3. Our on-site manager will arrive a couple of hours before the actual inventory begins in order to affix lot numbers.

  4. Staff will receive training on how to use the scanners and scanning begins with manager staying onsite.

  5. All information is updated in real time eliminating danger of losing information in case of technical issues with the scanner or battery.

*Lot – the store is divided into small lots using labels allowing the staff to count a low number of items at a time.

**Cycle Inventory can be conducted for locations that need to do a small number of specific vendors per day.

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